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Spring has sprung!

Longer warmer days mean spring is here! Kowhai are bursting with yellow flowers and manuka with white flowers. Keep an eye out for the more subtle purple flowers on Karo trees along your stream.

Spring means new growth; of native plants and weeds as well. Make sure you get out and hand pull weeds around any new riparian plantings. This will ensure the native plants get the sunlight, soil nutrients and water they need to grow through summer without competing with the faster growing weeds.

Macrophytes are aquatic plants that grow in or near the stream as either surface reaching or submerged (don’t reach the surface). Macrophytes provide habitat for macroinvertebrates and fish. But, if there are too many macrophytes they use up the dissolved oxygen in the stream so there is not enough for other stream life to live. Planting your stream edge will eventually shade your stream creating conditions that macrophytes can’t flourish in and macroinvertebrates can. Keep an eye out on your stream as spring is when macrophytes start to grow.

Any exotic trees along your stream like willows will be coming into leaf providing shade for your stream over the warmer months.